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 Kittens will not leave until they are a minimum of 12-16 weeks old,  so that they have had 2 rounds of kitten vaccines, and have recovered from spay/neuter.  


FLIGHT: We will fly your kitten to you, in cabin, to the airport of your choosing.  Your kitten will be personally hand delivered by us. Our local airport is RSW and all flights would be out of there. You would be responsible for the cost of the roundtrip flight, and the "carry on pet" fee (usually $75-150). We currently do NOT charge any additional fee for this service! 


You may also choose to fly into our local airport yourself, and we can meet up with your baby! RSW is the preferred airport but we will also meet you at PGD for no additional cost . If need be we can meet at any other airport within a 3 hour drive (one way) from us, however for this there will be an additional fee equal to the cost of gas, as well as a $50 transportation fee.

DRIVING: We can drive to you with your kitten to any location within Florida. You would be responsible for the cost of gas, as well as between $50-200.  Any delivery within one hour of us is free of charge.

Please note we do NOT ship our kittens cargo. All deliveries/pick-ups will be made in person, face to face.

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